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How to deal with unhappy investors

One of the hardest challenges as a founder is dealing with investors who say you aren't doing enough. Discover how our founder dealt with it.
High Performance Behaviours
Firing someone is easy. But firing someone properly, like an adult and preserving relationships is a little more complex.

How to fire someone

Hiring & Firing

How to balance building a supportive, understanding workplace while delivering results.

Managing mental health & a drive for performance

Mental Health & Performance
A simple and effective way to boost your team's development to benefit your team and your business's growth.
Enhance capabilities

How to structure personal development 

Every good CEO understands the importance of developing their team. Here's how to effectively lead them by example.

How to (really) lead by example

Team Leadership

A guide to building a high performing team by fueling their ambition and developing their skills for their, and your benefit.

How to hold onto your best talent

Performance Optimisation

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